Movie title: Sa Pagsuyo


Sa Pagsuyo is an Independent Film that is scheduled to be released in the cinemas in 2019. The film is about a girl named Bianca who, in her life, has experienced depression, frustrations, pain, anger and disappointmentsthus leading her to a decision of attempting to jump from the ledge of a building to commit suicide. She then got to know a guy named Mark, who gave her the attention, the concern, the distraction and the love that she needed.Mark lived a simple life. His sister, Micah is a doctor and his mom, Grace was a person who viewed life as if it was full of beauty and Joy.

Follow and fall in love with the journey of Mark, Bianca, Grace and all the other characters together.

**The film focuses hope especially to those who has already given up on it. It aims to give attention to people who are in the breach of being suicidal—to make them feel loved, special and make them see that there is still a light at the end of the tunnel.

We are creating this film to be the voice of those people who are in need of help, who feel as if they are lost, and those who are feeling unloved. We want to catch everyone’s attention of what could be done to save other lives.

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