The Skin Bureau is a brand of skincare products owned by Nurse Pharmaceuticals.

It has a variety of face and body products that could address the needs of any skin type, including sensitive skin. The Skin Bureau range includes soaps, day and night toners, day and night creams, moisturisers and sunblock. All the products have added vitamins for a healthier-looking skin.

The Skin Bureau was conceptualized in the year 2015 and will be officially launched in the Philippine market in June 2017. Its goal is to become the ride-or-die skincare line of all the empowered teenagers, young professionals and adults.


The Skin Bureau is for all the wonderful girls, women and even men who want to always be on top of their games. Moreover, it caters to all skin type.

With its 5 current facial and body sets, The Skin Bureau sees to it that they have a product that could answer a variety skincare needs. Specifically formulated to be gentle and effective, it promises results without the need of politics!

Being able to adapt to the changing needs of men and women alike, Skinbureau Skin Care Enterprises is on the constant hunt for product innovation that is both appealing and applicable to all skin types, all gender, and all ages. After years of extensive research and development, the owner finally decided to put up his own skin care brand which aims to give its customers a product with a distinctive element to cut the edge among the existing skin care brands in the Philippines. What makes it more interesting is its main focus to empower both men and women equally alike, aiming to boost their potentials in creating the best out of themselves. Currently, The Skin Bureau has introduced eight (8) products in the market which is Fleek Bar Instawhite Soap, Eyeconic Lift Face and Eye Serum, Social Stunner Revitalizing Set, Lash Report Eyebrows and Eyelashes Serum, This Mist Face Mist, Viperadiance All-In-One Face Cream, Liptivistick Lip Scrub and our newest product is the KEY Glutathione which is the first ever glutathione capsule in the Philippines infused with Sakura extract.

The Skin Bureau – KEY Glutathione

Key Glutathione is the first ever glutathione in the Philippines which has Sakura extract. Not only that, you can take the capsules before meals without worrying of your stomach getting upset. This glutathione is consisting of 90 capsules which are good for almost 3 months. It has six (6) powerful ingredients:
Alpha Lipoic Acid, which help prevent cell damage and restore vitamin levels.
Sodium Ascorbate is considered as an antioxidant resulting from the replacement of the proton by a sodium ion. N-Acetyl Cysteine plays a key role in regulating many cellular functions and helps keep the immune system in check. Collagen aims to sustain tendons, skin and cartilage which provide firmness and elasticity.
Lycopene Extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory which helps protect skin from environmental agents and helps in balancing pH.
And last but not the least; the most impressive ingredient is the Sakura Extract which is very rich with antioxidants that have the ability to help our skin maintain a healthy pH level with its natural alkaline contents that gives your skin a natural glowing effect. Key Gluta gives your skin a pinkish glow unlike any other glutathione product which gives you a pale complexion after several intakes.


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