Ms. Natalya Bronzova became known for her art and numerous cultural projects in many countries! Natalya is the author of seven (7) books, one of which reveals the present mysteries surrounding of legendary First lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos. That made Natalya in love in the Philippines and even to become the first foreigner who got title “Woman of Faaabvlous” in the Philippines and the first Russian artist to ever exhibit at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and at the House of the Representatives of the Philippines! Natalya also was bestowed the titles of Mrs. Canada Millennium Universe 2019, Asia-Pacific Queen of Substance 2018 and the Timeless Elegant Queen of MMK.

Ms. Natalya is founder of annual Russian Ball in the Philippines, she makes two cultures mingle in different ways: she was first to present at the Russian ball a new
“Bells” collection of famous Filipina designer Joyce P. Pylarsky in March 2019!

Natalya Bronzova also a designer, whos ideas grew from her deep interest and passion in history and fine arts since at an early age. These traits had been a major influence in her narrative of fashion and design, which she has subtly infused into her Royal magnificent designer dress collection. Incepting her ideas into reality. Subsequently, she designed her Royal collection which consist of four wedding dresses that was use in her own marriages.

It relived her fantasies in portraying herself in royal court life fashion, instilling lost heritage values that symbolizes great Queens and Empresses. In pursuance of her ambitions, Natalya became a Beauty Queen and enriched her lifestyle with her attending many sophisticated formal events across the world, and mainly in Manila and Kuala Lumpur.

As a designer, she loves to work with delicate fabrics and romantic colours, adding touches of dazzle here and there, especially in long and highly detailed gowns. With no restrictions to her style in terms of mixing materials or experimenting with new colours, Natalya is able to produce a magnificent pieces of art in her dresses. Some examples include the infusion of LED lights into her Beauty Queen Dress and the addition of jewels and crystals in her evening gowns.

Splashing grandeur with decorum, putting away simplicity in favour of long lost dressing codes fit for Kings and Queens. With Natalya’s dresses, it gives her privileged clientele the opportunity to realize their dreams in portraying high living regal fashion in the 21st Sensing glamour and the privilege of being the center of attraction in any event they attend!

Philippines Elite Awards 2019 will be held at Crimson Hotel Alabang on July 20, 2019. We have invited media partners to cover the awards night and high profile guest to inspire the audience with their equally noteworthy achievements. Joining this event will be very much appreciated because part of the proceeds of this activity will be donated to Gintong Palad Foundation and Bahay at Yaman ni Martin de Porres to help the talented yet under-privilege students achieve their tiny dreams of becoming future great Filipinos.

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