Leiania House of Beauty offers skin care products that uses all natural and organic plant sourced ingredients from all around the world. Their products are nature friendly, bio degradable, ethical, skin loving skin care lines, from handcrafted soaps, moisturizers, hair care, body care and natural cosmetics. It is their dedication and passion to deliver the healthiest and friendliest natural care for your skin.

The use of organic herbs, botanical and fresh extracts from leaves, fruits, vegetables makes our skin care products so nourishing, so moisturising and balanced for all types of skin even for the most sensitive, those problem skin, and delicate skin like babies.

Leiania House of Beauty offer products that are carefully studied, tested and proven to help care for the skin. Our products does not use synthetics to produce tons of lather, rather, use blends of vegetable oils for a rich fluffy lather, then enhanced by producing and adding our own organic & natural lather enhancing liquid. The use of blends of essential oils and natural fragrance are carefully selected to enhance the quality of our products. All ingredients in our organic soaps are 100% natural with certified Australian organic ingredients, raw fruits, botanical extracts we made to make sure it is in high quality for our skin care lines. Our soaps, moisturizers, hair & body care products are produced to best care, to help nourish, to help soothe our most delicate skin.

It is their passion and commitment to give you only the best, 100% natural & organic skin care and cosmetics!

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