Atty. Marie Glen Abraham-Garduque more popularly known as “Atty. Maggie” is one of the most-sought litigation lawyers in the Philippines. Albeit young and female, she is known in the legal profession in handling hard core criminal cases like rape, murder and syndicated estafa. Soon she became evident in show business for handling the most controversial cases of celebrities like ANNABELLE RAMA, NADIA MONTENEGRO, RICHARD GUTIERREZ, SARAH LAHBATI and MIGO ADECER. Thus, she was labelled as a “celebrity lawyer”. Believing that knowledge of the laws must be available to everyone, she established her lifestyle-meets-legal youtube channel, “MUGshots with Atty. Maggie” on June 2019. With the support of her celebrity clients, she challenged herself to teach laws and legal processes in an unconventional way by taking the mugshots out of the police stations and courts.

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